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Even though I have a copy of Jane Eyre in my suitcase (see my post about packing), you must not be confused by this. I love Charlotte Bronte but I have to confess that Jane Austen is my fave!

So Kay and Larry took me to visit some significant Jane Austen places in Winchester and Chawton. First we went to the house in College Street where she died. She was very ill by this stage. Next we went to visit her grave, and see the plaque that commemorates her life. This is at Winchester Cathedral.

We then took a bus and made the journey to Chawton, which is not far from Winchester. Oh it was so lovely to see Jane’s house. Here she wrote most of her novels. Photos are not allowed in the house, but I did get a quick one on the landing looking OUT. So I did not break the rules.

After that we went to see St Nicholas Church, where Jane would have worshipped, and where her sister and mother are buried. And we paid a quick visit to the Chawton Great House (now Chawton House Library) which was owned by her brother Edward. Jane would have been a regular visitor there when her brother was staying there.

What a lovely day we had!


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