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NOTE: Each paragraph relates to photos above, taken from left to right.

Jo and her hubby Jeff are going down to Balingup to spend the weekend with Jo’s sister Lyn, brother-in-law Troy, niece Abby, nephew Tahj and her mum Joan, so I thought I would go along as well.  After all I haven’t seen Balingup before. It was raining when we left and we don’t mind.  Inside the Rodeo ute is warm and dry

We stopped at the Bronze Gallery Cafe in Balingup for lunch, Jo & Jeff inform me the food was yummy.  Bronze Gallery is 100% gluten free food and well worth the visit.  We also picked up a quiche for dinner.

Back on the road and as we were early, we decided to detour onto some back tracks.  The rain is now intermitent.  Some of the plantations out this way have had a fire through them, it looks very sad.

Still on backtracks, but the sun has come out, makes things a little brighter …….. don’t you think?

We drove across a small bridge that had a big puddle on it …….

And we got splashed.  What fun!!

We met up with Jo’s family at the Lewanna Cottages, south of Balingup.  The next morning we went into Nannup.  After a drive around we went down to the Old Railway Bridge and had a walk around.  The water is as high as the 2002 flood.

Then we went up and walked on the bridge.  Then the rain came again and ouch that was hail!!  So we all ran for shelter.  It was just a quick, cold shower and we decided to head back into Nannup for morning tea.

The clouds were clearing a bit, so all decided to play a round of mini golf at Nannup Putt Putt.  The rain held off and we had great fun. I got a improvised golf club and ball because the others were too big for me.  Troy, Jeff and Joan all got hole in one!!  Is that a record?

We decided to go to Donnybrook for lunch and then let the kids play on the ‘Big Kahuna playgound’ (as Tahj calls it), but it is really called the Apple FunPark.  I nearly got eaten by a dinosaur, but was rescued by Jo.

Then Abby and me played on one of the playthings.  I got dizzy.

And after all that fun and travel, I settled down in my sleeping bag (which is really Jeff’s iPod cover that Jo made) for a good night’s sleep.  The next morning we walked around, said our goodbyes to Jo’s family and headed home.  Our trip was over.

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