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NOTE: Each paragraph relates to photos above, taken from left to right.

As you know, being city-born & bred, I just love green and the smell of pine trees so you can imagine how chuffed I was to be able to go with Jan to her family’s biennial holiday at the McKenzie River in Oregon.

Look at the expression on that kid’s face, willya? You’d think he’d never seen a minature bear being offered a forkful of corn before!

Here I am posing with the bocce ball. That family is bocce-mad — they have a tournament every two years and hand out prizes and everything. They out-do each other trying to bribe the referee (he likes cigars, ugh).

Up in the bedroom, I found someone had left me a paddington-sized canoe! Too bad I couldn’t get it off the shelf…

Here I am in the pick-your-own-blueberry farm. Those greedy people managed to pick 20 pounds of blueberries!

Here we are on I-5, heading home with a flat tire. We took the opportunity to get the dogs out and and they loved the looks they got from the cars and 18-wheelers flashing by on the highway.

People in California LOVE Australian native plants. Here I am lounging among the kangaroo paws.

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