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What could be better than a belated Christmas at Walpole? I journeyed with Jan and her family in late January to this wonderful spot in the south west, where we stayed at Rest Point Holiday Village – our all time favourite place.

Our first excursion was to the famed “Valley of the Giants” treetop walk. Not for those afraid of heights, this is a meandering scaffold high in the tree tops of ancient karri and tingle trees.

We looked through the Wilderness Discovery Centre, which has many interesting exhibits AND a tourist shop!

Kids – don’t try this at home (but you can get your picture taken at the Wilderness Discovery Centre at the Valley of the Giants and you’ll look just as cool!)

Bec took a few shots of me at Circular Pool, which apparently gets its name from the currents which flow in circles, not the shape of the pool. Unfortunately the water level was too low for us to see the patterns the foam makes…

Fernhook Falls is breathtakingly beautiful, even in summer when the falls are nowhere to be seen!

We went on the Ancient Empires Walk – which sounds like the sort of place you might meet Indiana Jones – but instead it is another amazing forest filled with red and yellow tingle trees.

Whenever our family gets together, Mexican food is sure to be on the menu. One night, we had a feast of homemade beef tacos, Spanish rice, refried beans and, of course, a few Coronas with lime to wash it all down.

Posing me against those huge boulders was a bit of a challenge, that’s why I opted to levitate so you can see the whole vista.

Elephant’s Rock at Green’s Pool is an amazing sight – and not just for the massive rock formations. The water is clear to light aqua and looks good enough to drink!

Bec tried her best to show me off in that impressive landscape.

For anyone planning a trip to the Walpole area I highly recommend this website: http://www.rainbowcoast.com.au/areas/walpole/walpole.htm
It shows all the places we went to plus a lot more.

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