I’m disgracefully late in getting these few pics up of my trip to Oregon in July.

First up – a long sluice in the spa!

Next, some house hunting – loved this Cape Cod!

What is it about me that people feel compelled to stick me in some thorny rosebushes?

OK – novelty value – PB tiny, hydrant big!

KT ‘n me!

Love that Portland…

Larry and Carla headed up north to Seattle – and invited me along. The Boeing factory was erm interesting, but Carla and I could have done the abridged version. Larry loved it.

Bainbridge Island was very pretty. The ferry trip back smooth and I did not feel sick once.

PB visits Las Vegas

On the move again. Back to the USA and this time to Las Vegas and Seattle. First stop Vegas. Grrr I did not win anything, but hey better luck next time. At least I had a nice drink.

And I enjoyed the fountain at Bellagio.

And now for something completely different! A trip to Libya …

JH wanted to visit the ruins at Sabratha and Leptis Magna so we packed our bags and off we went. It was very interesting visiting Tripoli, and the ruins nearby were breathtaking.

And I bet you haven’t been there.

Jo and Jeff took a weeks holiday at Duke of Orleans Bay, near Condingup, 80 odd kms east of Esperance.  They booked themselves into the Duke of Orleans Caravan Park, along with Jo’s sister Lyn, her hubby Troy and their adorable kids Tahj and Abby.  And of course I packed my suitcase and tagged along for the ride.

We left Jo and Jeff’s place at 6.30 am, and half way down we had a brief stop in Newdegate, where Jo’s grandparents used to live.  Then we headed east to Lake King and down Cascade Road where we found a couple of great looking letterboxes.  Of course I had to go and have a closer look at them.  Very clever!

After a quick fuel stop in Esperance we drove onto Wharton, arriving at 5.00pm.  Lyn, Troy and the kids were already there,  so we parked the Avan next door and set up camp.  The next morning we had breakfast and headed off for a bit of 4 wheel driving.  Lyn drove the Jackaroo and we found some beaut scenery and I hitched a lift as well.  After a fun day, we settled down with a drink and chatted.  The people next door had a BBQ going and the kids toasted marshmallows, so I set up my own little fire pit and toasted some as well.

On Tuesday we went into Esperance for a spot of shopping and sightseeing.  We had a picnic lunch in one of the parks, where the kids played and I had a go as well.  I rode the rocking horse and then rode an old tractor thingy.

Next we went to the Esperance Museum – now that was a fun place.  I had a ball!!  There’s a big train in there, so I pretended to drive it and then sat in the carriage with Jeff and Tahj.  Then we found 2 horse’s hitched to buggies, so I jumped aboard Bonny for a quick ride … I thanked her for the ride with a little kiss.  In another room we came across some cars, I picked the Austin as my town car, the 1927 Dodge ute as my work vehicle ……. and a Bulldog tractor for that heavy work!!  Back in the main room I found a boat, just my size.  I was in heaven!!  But the other guys got a little sick of my greediness and threatened me with the hand-operated drill if I didn’t behave.  So, a little subdued ….. for all of 3 seconds ….. I moved further through the museum and found a mate in Garfield.  We had a little romp around the museum then I reluctantly left the museum ….. I had to …… the rest were leaving!!  I didn’t want to be left behind.

Next we took the kids down to the town jetty to see Sammy the Sea-Lion ……. we had a little smooch.  And then we saw three of Sammy’s cousins swimming around – what a treat!  Back in the vehicles we drove around the Great Ocean Drive, a lovely scenic drive and I have to say that Esperance has the most beautiful beaches – white sand with crystal clear water.   And we had a sunny day as well – talk about fantastic!  After a full day we headed back to camp for dinner and a coldie.

Thursday night we decided to go to the Condingup Tavern for dinner.  Interesting place and a great meal had by all.  Though some of the crew couldn’t eat all of their meal and took the sweets home for later.  Though me mate Tahj finished his pizza and chips, as well as a large piece of chocy mud cake!  What a legend!  And the guy is just 6 years old!!

Back at camp, we settled down, a little rugged up as it was slightly cold, and chatted about our wonderful week.  We had a great time and I thank everyone for allowing me to join their camping trip.

What could be better than a belated Christmas at Walpole? I journeyed with Jan and her family in late January to this wonderful spot in the south west, where we stayed at Rest Point Holiday Village – our all time favourite place.

Our first excursion was to the famed “Valley of the Giants” treetop walk. Not for those afraid of heights, this is a meandering scaffold high in the tree tops of ancient karri and tingle trees.

We looked through the Wilderness Discovery Centre, which has many interesting exhibits AND a tourist shop!

Kids – don’t try this at home (but you can get your picture taken at the Wilderness Discovery Centre at the Valley of the Giants and you’ll look just as cool!)

Bec took a few shots of me at Circular Pool, which apparently gets its name from the currents which flow in circles, not the shape of the pool. Unfortunately the water level was too low for us to see the patterns the foam makes…

Fernhook Falls is breathtakingly beautiful, even in summer when the falls are nowhere to be seen!

We went on the Ancient Empires Walk – which sounds like the sort of place you might meet Indiana Jones – but instead it is another amazing forest filled with red and yellow tingle trees.

Whenever our family gets together, Mexican food is sure to be on the menu. One night, we had a feast of homemade beef tacos, Spanish rice, refried beans and, of course, a few Coronas with lime to wash it all down.

Posing me against those huge boulders was a bit of a challenge, that’s why I opted to levitate so you can see the whole vista.

Elephant’s Rock at Green’s Pool is an amazing sight – and not just for the massive rock formations. The water is clear to light aqua and looks good enough to drink!

Bec tried her best to show me off in that impressive landscape.

For anyone planning a trip to the Walpole area I highly recommend this website: http://www.rainbowcoast.com.au/areas/walpole/walpole.htm
It shows all the places we went to plus a lot more.

Experience Melbourne

My first trip to Melbourne – I went along with my great mate Sandy. Gosh, she’s gorgeous! I hitched a lift with her to see this great, vibrant and cosmopolitan metropolis. And foodies delight heaven….
We were only there for a very short time but made the most of the special charms of Melbourne which include shopping and of course, food.

At the bar at La Luna – they told me I was underage and couldn’t have a drink. Lucky I was allowed in with my friend Sandy Dandy. We had a great meal and I was thrilled to meet the owner and celebrity chef, Adrian Richardson. Gosh, he sure knows how to cook and what a privilege it was to visit his restaurant. A definite highlight of my visit to Melbourne.

Chocie choice everywhere! Cake cake everywhere! Sandy wouldn’t let me eat any but she said we can look but don’t touch. Brunetti’s is well known in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton. This was their Valentine’s Day display. Yum Yum… I locked myself in the cake fridge and Sandy had to bribe me to get out. She said we both needed to lose weight!

So what did we do ……… of course we then went to Queen Victoria fresh food markets for breakfast the following day with friends. More food heaven.

Walking along to the Docklands area, Jim yet again tried to end my short life but my best mate Sandy rescued me (again). She even provided a stern warning to Jim to start behaving.

We travelled around on the tram which is a fabulous public transport system and one that should never have been removed from my home town of Perth. I just love the tram and tram drivers were lovely and helpful.

Now I have to tell you that the one thing Jim and I have in common is our love of chocolate. Max Brenner – some famous US guy who is hugely into chocolate… Well I thought I would try it on Jim’s recommendation and of course I fell in love. Highly recommended as well as is Haighs.

While wandering around we found a free lunchtime festival and free concert at the QV building so we pulled up a chair and enjoyed. My first concert!

Melbourne is not just a foodie delight sort of place. Oh no, there is far more to Melbourne so Sandy informs me. It is the shopping Mecca of Australia and here I am in Bourke St Mall with one of my favourite stores, Myer.

Our next foodie delight was Movida– a Spanish tapas restaurant. I got high on the food and made some new friends from the booth behind us. After dinner, we walked along Southbank and made our way to the Crown Casino and enjoyed some Chinese New Year festivities at the Crown Casino.

What a divine city and one I want to visit again!